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Links Group was built from the ground up to help you create or expand your business into the UAE and the Middle East. We are experts in company formation in Dubai, as well as across the rest of the UAE and Qatar.

We provide clients with expert local knowledge to ensure your business doesn’t just survive here but thrive. With us, your status as the business owner will be unquestioned as we work to protect your total control and ownership of your business at all times.
Our highly skilled and experienced Labour and Immigration department will handle all visa formalities, making your transition here as smooth and stress-free as possible.


If you already have an operational business in the UAE, we can help you restructure by simplifying mergers and ensuring that the governance standards your business currently operates under is maintained.


Links Group is uniquely and exclusively connected to many governmental departments from across the UAE, it is this relationship with government bodies which forms a key part of our organisation.


This means we are experts in local regional and international legislation, and as such we are uniquely suited for effective company formation in Dubai . We also work closely with some of the regions top international law firms and professional services firms


What this means for you, is that your business will be operational and fully recognised as per the UAE law in a very short amount of time.


At Links Group, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of social responsibility and corporate governance. We not only comply with the standards expected of companies in the UAE and but also to the corporate governance standards expected of UK companies, complying with the current U.K Anti-Corruption and Bribery Acts. It is little wonder that Links Group is known as leaders and figureheads for company formations in Dubai through our many services and extreme professionalism in all aspects of our organisation.

By working with us, you will be working with a company who operates under the highest possible standard of corporate governance and organisational responsibility.

If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by calling +971 (0)4 446 3900 or email and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

To learn more, read testimonials by some of our esteemed clients to see how we may help you and your business.


We look forward to working with you and help you to establish and grow your business here.

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