The importance of appointing a Ministry of Justice approved legal translator in the UAE

Translations are an essential element to many businesses in the UAE. The country is home to many foreign residents and companies and a significant number do not read and write Arabic. Also, it is often the case that documents originate in another language but need to be translated into Arabic for recognition by the UAE courts.

It is highly important for companies to be selective when choosing their translation provider to ensure they have quality assurance standards and fully understand the written style that is needed. Last year, the UAE Government issued a Federal bylaw to ensure that all translators are registered with the Ministry of Justice in addition to non-Emirati translators requiring five years of experience before they can practise.

At Links Group we have an in-house team of UAE Ministry of Justice Certified legal translators who ensure clients’ documentation complies with local regulations. The legal translation service includes official authentication and stamping as required by the UAE Ministry of Justice, an activity typically outsourced by many legal translation or professional services companies. This is to ensure that a seamless and timely service is delivered to our clients while also minimising the risk for translation errors.

Article by Mahmoud Yaqub on Aug 7th 2016