UAE tourism and hospitality sectors enter a new era

In May 2013, Under the Direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Government of Dubai approved “Dubai Vision 2020” for the tourism sector. The goal is to attract 20 million tourists and AED 300 billion in tourism revenues annually by the year 2020. This is to be achieved by Dubai’s status as a key business destination in addition to three main areas of focus; family tourism, global events and attractions.

In 2014, the inbound tourism flows to the UAE are expected to maintain positive growth momentum thanks to the country’s reputation as one of the safest destinations in the Middle East and its world class standards of accommodation and entertainment coupled with Emirati cultural heritage.

While the main focus for excellent standards of tourism over the last decade have been in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, other Emirates are now beginning to benefit from investments in new infrastructure as well as the continued inflow of human resources talent. For instance, Sharjah has seen a 15 per cent growth in visitor numbers in first quarter of 2014 alone, in part due to activities undertaken by Shurooq – Sharjah’s Investment and (Tourism) Development Authority.

The recent Arabian Hotel Investment Conference and Arabian Travel Market exhibition both held in Dubai have underpinned the government’s tourism vision in preparation for Expo 2020 which is expected to attract 25 million visitors during the six-month event. As above, business and conference travel are also significant growth areas and forecasts in business-related tourism are expected to remain positive over the coming years. Medical tourism is also well on the rise.

Earlier this year, the “MyDubai” initiative was launched via Twitter to raise social awareness and improve communication between the Emirates. UAE residents, visitors and business people alike are encouraged to contribute to the government-led project by sending their pictures and videos through the social media platform by using the hashtag #MyDubai. @The_Links_Group has begun to contribute to this trend and we invite you to follow us to view our regular Tweets covering our commercial presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the State of Qatar, as well as our Consultants in both the UK and Australia.

With positive energy, professionalism and a proven track record, The Links Group is well positioned to ensure the continued success of the UAE’s government vision by providing support, protection and long-standing relationships to both new and existing businesses throughout the region.

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Article by Links Group on May 13th 2014