The Links Group and Australian Gulf Council Sign Strategic Partner Agreement during Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai



6 May 2012, Dubai, UAE: The Links Group – leaders in company formation in the Middle East for 10 years – and the Australian Gulf Council (AGC) have signed a strategic partner agreement to promote and facilitate trade, investment and other opportunities between Australia and the UAE and Qatar.

The partnership was formalised during the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai last week, a foreign direct investment conference organised by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade to encourage investment opportunities in emerging markets and high growth regions.

The Links Group, widely recognised as an important bridge between foreign companies, overseas trade bodies and local government agents, facilitates all matters related to establishing a commercial presence in the UAE and Qatar. In its role as strategic partner, The Links Group will provide AGC and its members with valuable market intelligence to help enhance bilateral trade and diplomatic relationships.

According to the AGC, the GCC region represents one of Australia’s top export markets worth AUD 8,739 million in 2010. Among Australia’s most dynamic sectors for export growth the AGC counts food security, banking & finance, foreign investment and live meat exports.

“The Australia Gulf Council and The Links Group have a number of strategic complementarities which we are looking forward to maximising through our newly formed strategic partnership. Both our organisations are committed to developing the trade and investment linkages between Australia, the UAE and Qatar.

“The AGC looks forward to working with The Links Group on the AGC’s Business Mission to the region later this year, along with a visit by The Links Group to Australia.  In collaboration with the AGC partners and our network of corporate leaders, our strategic partnership with The Links Group will drive long term and sustainable commercial outcomes,” said Georgie Skipper, Director, Government & Corporate Affairs, AGC.

Stuart Curtis, Group Managing Director, The Links Group said: “Our partnership with the Australian Gulf Council underscores the growing foreign investor interest in the UAE and Qatar. We are delighted to lend our expertise and local market experience to help Australian companies wanting to tap the burgeoning Gulf markets. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial alliance with AGC.”


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About The Links Group

Established in 2002, The Links Group is a premier company formation specialist advising corporations and individuals on how best to establish a legal commercial presence in the Middle East. It provides an unrivalled network of corporate services to assist the company formation process with a particular focus on the UAE and Qatar. This includes company formation, legal structures, licenses and visa documentation, serviced offices, resource management and marketing support. It is also the only company of its kind to be associated with the Foreign Investment Office (FDI) of the Dubai Economic Department.


The Links Group difference is that foreign companies work with a highly structured board as their local partner as opposed to an unknown individual. This unique structure provides foreign businesses with a corporate entity to act as their nominee, local partner, shareholder or sponsor, thereby minimising the risks associated with appointing an unknown individual nominee.


The Links Group has an untarnished track record with over 300 clients, who represent combined annual revenues of over USD 3bn to their respective economies.


The Links Group is also recognised as a Dubai SME 100 company, a ranking of the top performing SMEs in the emirate.


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Article by Links Group on May 6th 2012

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