The FDI Dubai – Links Partnership. Part One

Since its ground breaking status as the first true private public partnership between a government entity and the private sector the Foreign Direct Investment Office(FIO) and the Links Group Partnership has gone from strength to strength.

The MoU was formally signed on the 15th September 2010 between the parties with the express intention of aligning the public and private sector in the same way and to attract increased foreign investment into the Emirate of Dubai.

The aims of the two parties were simply to consult, cooperate and exchange pertinent information that would support, stimulate and grow key economic sectors while creating jobs, supporting the community and putting additional building blocks in place towards the Dubai strategic plan.

Two years on and what started as an initial spark is now a well oiled machine that hosts joint trade missions in the Emirate as well as those in foreign countries, assisting those who know that that they should be in Dubai and the UAE but feel that the barriers to entry too high and to risky.

Part Two of this story in a week’s time

This video was made around the same time as the partnership was signed.

Article by Links Group on Dec 23rd 2012

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