The Big 5 2011 commissions Ventures report on ‘New Technologies Utilized in the GCC Markets’

New technology will help drive the healthiest areas of UAE construction in the upcoming years, with spend in building construction alone projected at US$184 billion spend between 2011 and 2015, according to the latest figures from Ventures on behalf of The Big 5, 2011.

The recent report, “New Technologies Utilized in the GCC Market”, commissioned by The Big 5 2011, reveals that despite an international economic downturn, the GCC construction industry remains a significant area of growth, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia leading the way with construction spend in the upcoming year. The report also highlights the development of new technologies in the region and the impact these will have on the industry.

Continued growth in the UAE is supported by projects utilizing the latest in technologies across a range of industries. Mirdif City Centre is credited in the report as using the latest Enthalpy control technology in Air Handling Units to save electricity costs during favourable
outdoor temperature climates, and overall the UAE has seen an increased demand in HVAC systems, growing from USD $1,494 million in 2010 to a projected $1,599 million by 2012.

The UAE is identified by the report as the leader in adopting green measures in building design and the report provides examples of new green technologies that have been produced or utilized; RAK ceramics have developed the Luminos tile, which stores light energy during
the day and then glows during darkness, ultimately conserving energy. Within the plumbing sector, RoeVac’s environmentally friendly and efficient vacuum sewage system was utilized on the Palm Jumeirah project. Dual flush toilets, which can save up to 65% water, are in place in projects such as the Burj Khalifa Residential Tower.

Andy White, event director for The Big 5 said “The “New Technologies Utilized in the GCC Market” report provides an insight into exactly where strength lies in the GCC construction industry. This report was commissioned by The Big 5 in order to provide new information on sustainable and innovative products available in the GCC market, as well as case studies to provide real life examples of successful applications.

“As the host country for The Big 5, we are pleased to note that the report identifies the UAE as one of the leaders within the GCC markets. This provides confidence for investors and international exhibitors. The Big 5 2011 is world class platform for construction products and services, and the UAE is a market where progressive projects are undertaken and the latest technologies are developed and adopted. As part of our efforts to share knowledge from the region, we are providing a copy of the “New Technologies Utilized in the GCC Market” for all visitors, free of charge”.

Article by Links Group on Nov 21st 2011