Are you using all your team’s capabilities?

I read an article recently on LinkedIn regarding “The Qualities that make Great Bosses unforgettable”. Now this is a statement that raises several questions that many don’t ask, but as I have just attended a workshop looking at “Multipliers” in business, it made me stop and think. It was run by training company biz-group for members of Dubai SME 100

Most companies are adept at hiring smart and talented people but few companies put as much discipline into understanding how they are fully utilising the talent they’ve acquired. Many managers focus on their own ideas and capabilities that they often overlook the intelligence around them. Managers with this approach are called “diminisher leaders”. On the other end of the scale you have the managers and leaders known as the ”Multipliers” and these leaders seem to identify and amplify the intelligence of their team.

Various studies have been carried out in the field of “Multipliers” and research shows that out of 150 leaders over four continents, on average, these diminishing leaders used only 48 percent of people’s intellectual capability while the Multipliers used 95 percent. It appears that managers are only utilising 66 percent of their people’s capability in their current workforce. A staggering difference between the two approaches to leadership and it raises the question, if you could implement the mindset of a “Multiplier” how much could your business grow?

Looking at the mindset of a multiplier, it is apparent they strive to learn from the talent around them and understand information of which they may not already be aware. Here are two key attributes of a Multiplier that every leader should take to their team;

1) Investigate – find out what the other person knows. Have a point of view or opinion, but bring it into the conversation by virtue of the types of questions you ask.

2) Listen – go all the way and ask ONLY the question. Listening is the key…. Go on … See if you can do it. It’s not easy but with some practice you will be surprised what you will learn about your team and how much more they know.  Look around you now and I am sure you will see that person, if not, more than one person in your workforce.

Two topics of the workshop that struck a chord with me and ones I will certainly be incorporating into my daily role are “The Art of the Question” and a quote by Woodrow Wilson, “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.”

What a great and much more productive environment we would work in if only we just asked questions rather than be the one who always has the answers! This is the road, albeit a long one, to becoming a

Multiplier. As I have had many years of being the accidental diminisher, you can look forward to the next Multipliers blog.


Photo caption – From left to right: Hisham Mahyoub – Labour & Immigration Manager of The Links Group, Hazel Jackson – Founder & CEO of biz-group, Simon Hobart – Group General Manager of The Links Group, Wayne Merrick – General Manager of The Links Group Abu Dhabi office, Helen Martin – Operations Manager of The Links Group, Stephanie Campbell – Client Relationship Supervisor of The Links Group, Letizia Faina – Business Development Manager The Links Group Qatar.

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Article by Links Group on Sep 7th 2014