Security Measures

We use a wide variety of technical and organisational security measures to help us keep your information secure. These measures are constantly under review to ensure we take into account new threats and implement suitable safeguards. Equiom’s IT Team is supported in this by consultants and partner companies who provide specialised advice and equipment.

Organisational security measures:

– Internal security policies, processes and management controls, including Data Protection Policy, Clear Desk Policy, Information Security Policy, and Incident Management Plan
– Regular mandatory security and data protection training for all employees and contractors, supplemented by ongoing awareness campaigns and activities
– Reviews, inspections and audits of our information collection, storage and processing practices
– Use of door access controls to all areas where your personal information is processed
– Controlled access to high risk areas
– Photo ID cards for employees and colour coded visitor passes allowing easy identification
– CCTV monitoring of public spaces (unless prohibited under local legislation)
– Regular testing of our Incident Response and Business Continuity Plans.

Technical measures:

– Servers located in specialist data centres
– Use of complex passwords, regular scanning for inadequate passwords, and regular renewal of passwords
– Regular vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and social engineering testing carried out by our trusted and qualified external cyber security partner
– Fully managed 24/7/365 network intruder detection and prevention systems, and email and web security
– Use of two factor authentication and encryption for remote access to systems and mobile devices.
– Malware protection, firewalls and efficient application of software patches
– Secured USB ports and encryption of any data transferred to USB drives
– Email scanning to assist in identifying insider threats.

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