Identifying ‘Red Flags’ in the workplace and abiding by the Labour Law

Industry events and seminars are an essential environment for leadership within companies to learn and share experiences about important industry, government and economic topics and laws.

Links Group recently attended a two-part seminar run by law firm Taylor Wessing focusing on ‘Red Flags in the Work Place.’ Both sessions highlighted the importance of HR professionals within the region taking a proactive approach to Labour Law and Employee relations.

First and foremost members of the Human Resources department can be personally liable for factors under their jurisdiction such as an employee’s visa requirements. If for any reason an employee holding a visa for company A is found to be working for company B without the correct documentation the consequences can be as severe as imprisonment.

HR personnel should be aware of the movements of their employees to ensure that employee and company are protected but also so they do not personally find themselves in a criminal law suit.

Taking steps such as keeping a paper trail of all communications and forms signed by employees is a proactive step to ensure you avoid any problems and if this is unavoidable you are in a position to protect yourself and the company.

Knowing the law is essential and in a country where the government is constantly improving their laws, processes and procedures, keeping up to date with recent changes will ensure you are fully informed to face any situation or issue that may arise. Some of the changes may not affect your company on the surface, however, having an educated HR department will avoid potentially troublesome future issues.

Navigating the UAE’s Labour Law and Employee regulations can be a cumbersome challenge for foreign companies setting up in the region – at Links Group there is a dedicated team of Labour and Immigration experts who are on hand to answer any queries and ensure that the procedures taken adhere to both regional and international policy standards.

Article by Links Group on Feb 3rd 2016
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