Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan is closely observed by the Qatari population. Living in Qatar, it is very important to respect the traditions of Ramadan and the strict observance of abstaining from eating, smoking and drinking as an obedience of the religious rules.

Fasting commences just before dawn when a light meal is taken (this is called Suhoor), during which Muslims confirm their objective to fast for that day (with the fast ending at sunset).

As per Article 73 of Qatar Labour Law, a maximum of 6 hours a day is set to be the standard working time of employees during Ramadan across all sectors.

Ministries, public institutions and government bodies normally work five hours a day. For private sector workers, it is normally six hours a day and surprise checks are carried out to ensure the labour law is adhered to.

Ramadan is a matter of law in Qatar whether you are Islamic or not. Please do your utmost to respect the significance of the event, and abide by the law.


Article by Links Group on Jul 1st 2013

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