Pioneering a Public-Private Partnership in Dubai


Since its ground breaking status as the first true Private Public Partnership (PPP) between a government entity and the private sector, the Foreign Direct Investment office of Dubai (FDI) and The Links Group partnership has gone from strength to strength.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formally signed on September 15th, 2010 between the parties with the intention of aligning the public and private sectors in the same way and to attract increased foreign investment into Dubai.

The aims of the Dubai FDI and Links Group were simply to consult, cooperate and exchange pertinent information that would support, stimulate and grow key economic sectors while creating jobs, supporting the community and ultimately putting additional building blocks in place towards the emirate’s strategic plan.

Two years on and what started as an initial spark is now a well-oiled machine that hosts joint trade missions in the emirate as well as abroad, assisting those who know that that they should be in Dubai and the UAE but feel that the barriers to enter are too high.

Part of the plan was to work with aligned government agencies to “demystify” doing business in Dubai, the UAE and the wider GCC by providing practical advice and creating robust business plans for foreign companies looking to establish a commercial presence in the region.

Various road shows and workshops including initiatives with chartered institutes, trade bodies, think tanks and law firms in the UK, the USA and Australia, saw SMEs and corporates alike searching for growth opportunities and asking: “How?”

The answer was simple really.  Companies were after practical assistance that gave them the steps to success for the respective brand or service so that they could focus on their core business, allowing The Links Group and Dubai FDI to take care of everything else. With the assurance that they had the backing of the local government and private business, what more could they ask for?

The PPP between The Links Group and Dubai FDI is helping to bring new business into the emirate every day. With our goals and objectives aligned, we give impartial advice and are not linked to any specific product or zone.  We are proud to help create robust, secure structures that give clients the confidence they need when entering a new market.

Article by Links Group on Feb 25th 2013

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