The Links Group launches Global Solutions to facilitate offshore company incorporation

At The Links Group we are in the business of beneficial ownership protection services. We help foreign companies establish a commercial presence onshore in the UAE and Qatar while mitigating the risks associated with local companies’ laws.

To help foreign companies apply further control over their UAE and Qatari business operations, we have introduced Global Solutions. This new offshore fiduciary service allows foreign companies registered in the UAE or Qatar to protect their 49 percent business interest through incorporation of a holding company in the British Virgin Islands.

Having pioneered the corporate nominee partnership structure for onshore license issuance, Global Solutions offers another measure by which foreign companies can protect their shareholding in limited liability entities registered in the UAE or Qatar. Holding the ultimate onshore company assets, cash and intellectual property of the parent company outside the local jurisdiction is a prudent step towards total control.

While the UAE and Qatar remain attractive destinations for foreign companies wanting to tap the emerging economies of the Middle East, concerns remain over the countries’ company ownership laws. Global Solutions will help foreign companies to address the perceived risks associated with foreign-local partner relationships by securing the ownership of their 49 percent shareholding in a holding company held in a jurisdiction outside the UAE or Qatar.

We have set up a Global Solutions agency in the British Virgin Islands, a British protectorate operating under internationally recognised English Common Law. This allows us to provide an end-to-end service in which all aspects of incorporating an entity offshore are managed entirely by The Links Group.

The Links Group has, for many years, been at the forefront of company formation in the UAE and Qatar. In recent years, the emphasis has been on protection of the foreign party’s assets and the guarantee that beneficial ownership and control rests with the foreign party at all times – during market entry or exit.

With Global Solutions The Links Group has pioneered yet another turnkey solution for our clients. The offshore company is established and managed on an ongoing basis by The Links Group in compliance with all local government requirements and regulations.


British Virgin Islands

Article by Links Group on Apr 23rd 2014