Health is wealth for UK companies

When David Evans flies over from Britain and steps off the aircraft in
Dubai, he typically hits the ground running with visits to local
dermatologists, obstetricians and general physicians.

Mr Evans may sound like a hypochondriac, but his job is to develop
business among medical professionals who might prescribe vitamins,
minerals and anti-obesity supplements from Arden Healthcare.

Like many British companies, Arden moved into the Emirates just as spending on local healthcare infrastructure surged.

“What is most striking is the thirst for knowledge,” says Mr Evans, who is Arden’s managing director.

He predicts that products introduced this year will help the company’s business grow by about 15 per cent.

As more hospitals feature plush rooms for patients, waiting areas with flat-screen televisions and even valet parking, the UAE is becoming the new trading post in the Gulf’s healthcare industry.

With the industry expanding, more companies from Germany, China, the United
States and the United Kingdom are coming in for a slice of this market,
which is projected to grow to US$11.9 billion (Dh43.71bn) in 2015, more
than triple the amount back in 2005, according to a UK Trade &
Investment (UKTI) report.

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Article by Links Group on Apr 17th 2012

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