Health care in UAE is ‘surging ahead’ of other Arab nations

DUBAI // The UAE is on course to become globally-renowned for its health care, said Michael H Corbin, the US Ambassador to the Emirates.

Having just celebrated its 40th anniversary, the country and its residents can expect to see the quality and quantity of medical facilities and trained staff continue to grow, continued the ambassador, who was speaking at the close of the second day of the Arab Health exhibition and congress, the largest in the Middle East.

“There is a lot of progress going on in the healthcare system. I’m not looking at the complex changes that the Emirates is going through; I’m looking at the overall vision to make the emirates a centre of excellence not only for Emiratis, but for other Arabs [and] perhaps for people beyond the region. This is extremely admirable and has the potential of being very successful.”

In a short period of time, the country has surged ahead of other Arab countries when it comes to health care, he added.

“When you look at the rest of the Arab world I think the Emirates is way ahead in terms of attracting foreigners to come to work here and also to take advantage of the health care that is offered.”

The number of hotels in the country and its image as an easy area to travel to and from, coupled with the culture, has also made the UAE an attractive place for established healthcare facilities to set-up shop, he added.

Many clinics and hospitals across the country are affiliated with established US hospitals, and there are many more to come.

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Article by Links Group on Jan 25th 2012

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