Five top tips for companies setting up in Qatar

Know your market – Learn local needs and current supply & future demand. This way you can plan your business to get the best results.


Do your homework – Qatar is a dynamic and shifting landscape so you should assess the competition & how they achieve success. Also be aware of barriers & pitfalls such as

  • Have a strong commercial team so you are protected in each contract, to ensure you get paid by your client.
  • Don’t try and undertake licenses/visa requirements on your own. Seek advice from legal counsel or a professional service company (such as Links).


Know the law – Seek out local counsel from the beginning so you can get the best advice. Try to understand license restrictions and options; Qatar is very different to most countries when it comes to this. Compliance with all legal and administrative procedures is essential. If you don’t comply with corporate compliance, or if you have the wrong activity on your Commercial Registration, you could be liable to punishment from the authorities.


Choose the right partner – Choosing the right business partner is extremely important. If you jump into a partnership that might not be the best option for you it can cause all sort of problems. Professional advice and support is vital.


Culture – Be aware of local culture, heritage and local business etiquette. Demonstrate long term commitment to the region and contribute to local business environment. Beware that the working weeks are different in Qatar which are Sunday – Thursday. Generally, Qatari men and women do not shake hands with each other. If you are a man meeting a local woman it best to wait for her to offer you her hand. If she does not you needn’t take offence. Likewise, if you are a woman meeting a man, it is your choice as to whether you offer your hand.


The Links Group, Company Formation Specialist - Business Set Up, Dubai UAE Qatar Abu Dhabi Doha

Article by Links Group on Aug 5th 2012