Dubai best positioned to trade with South Africa

Location makes it perfect hub to supply goods

Dubai: Dubai Exports has urged South African companies to use the emirate as a hub to transport goods to GCC countries.

Saeed Al Awadi, chief executive of Dubai Exports, said yesterday
that South Africa was an important source of business for Dubai due to
its role as a regional hub.

“The South African Development Community (SADC) represents a
strategic growth market within Africa. Together the 15 member states in
SADC have a population of over 257 million and they import food worth
nearly $11 billion [Dh40.39 billion],” said Al Awadi.

“Exporters in Dubai are best placed to successfully target the
developing economies in SADC, with a fast and reliable supply of
processed foods. Dubai is already well connected to South Africa, which
offers a gateway to the rest of Safc [region], with its efficient
transport infrastructure,” added Al Awadi.

Major business

Total exports and re-exports from Dubai to South Africa in 2011
were valued at Dh1.5 billion with food exports and re-exports
contributing Dh105 million, while Dh50 million came from free zone
companies in Dubai.

Chocolate, fruit juices, pasta, wheat flour, rice and edible oils
account for the majority of food exports and re-exports to South Africa
from Dubai.

The Dubai Exports research shows that SADC as a whole offers
additional export opportunities for a variety of foods including meat,
sugar, confectionary and beverages, as their imports have grown at a
rate higher than the global average.
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Article by Links Group on Apr 12th 2012

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