DED launches Meydani to facilitate trade control

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division at the Department of Economic Development (DED) has launched a new advanced portable device — Meydani — to improve the efficiency of trade control and inspection processes conducted at stores.

The new device is part of DED‘s strategy to contribute to facilitating Dubai’s growth by providing faster and more efficient services to the public.

DED is committed to offering better services to the public through varied initiatives and solutions and providing a competitive environment that supports investment and business growth in Dubai and the UAE. Meydani is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the region and has tremendous features including a 3G interface,” said Omar Bushahab, chief executive officer of the commercial compliance and consumer protection division.

“The new device will facilitate field work for our inspectors and help them issue instant fines and transfer information to the database of commercial compliance and consumer protection division electronically. The savings in terms of time will be 70 per cent and productivity will increase by about 30 per cent. Many transactions can be completed within the shortest possible time.”

Article by Links Group on Dec 13th 2011