Corporate Social Responsibility within the GCC

Corporate Social Responsibility within the GCC

Like many aspects of life within the GCC the concept Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming an integral part of business growth for many new and established companies.

Looking at the foundations of the culture and region in which we operate, CSR has always been prevalent and practiced through Shari’ah compliant commerce and philanthropic giving. These foundations have been built upon, and international influences have paved the way for companies to strengthen their sustainable footprints within local and international communities.

Engaging with the local community is a prerequisite when conducting business in a region where contacts are vital for the growth of a company, this extends to ensuring companies are aware of the social developments of the community in which they operate.

Looking to the next generation of leaders, we have shown our  support for the World Challenge Team at Star International School who have undertaken a project to raise AED80,000 for a partner school in the town of Fort Kochin, Kerala. The World Challenge program allows schools from around the world to participate in community focused projects and expeditions in various countries allowing young people to gain skills and experiences that will enhance the futures of themselves and others.

Financed solely through the fundraising efforts of 19 students, the World Challenge team have organized a series of events to ensure they hit their fiscal target before March 2014. We at The Links Group are proud to be sponsors of a project that will ensure the young minds of Dubai are being equipped with skills needed to thrive in a region that is constantly developing.

Looking at the GCC, and the community and environment in which international businesses operate, it is clear to see that CSR lends itself well to the region. Important steps are being taken by multi-nationals and SME’s alike to ensure that they are engaging with the local community to enhance the development of the region and their business.

We wish the students Star International School, and others like them, the very best with this endeavor.

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Article by Links Group on Oct 9th 2013

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