The importance of corporate restructuring

Early 2016 has seen an increase in the number of inquiries and signed engagements for Links Group from companies that are either restructuring their current UAE entity or acquiring an existing company.

Links Group has found that companies require a robust corporate nominee structure for a number of the following reasons.

One example is the need to raise capital, whereby banks, through a stringent due diligence checklist, will most likely require their client to have a robust corporate structure.

Another example is international companies that have an entity in the region but want to restructure to ensure they are protected from possible succession concerns in the future.

Lastly, Links Group has seen an increase in the number of inquiries from companies or private equity firms looking to invest in the region and are therefore targeting companies for acquisition. A key consideration when acquiring an existing company is the current corporate structure where clients want to ensure they have financial, operational and management control of the company they are acquiring.

It is clear that international companies, more than ever, whether they are moving into the region or restructuring their current entity, want to ensure they have a secure and legally robust structure.

Article by Links Group on Feb 28th 2016

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