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Here I am in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The tension is palpable. I am with our Dubai Government partners Dubai FDI, along with DIFC Courts and Dubai Healthcare City. Hang on – there’s something being announced on Sky News as I type – Oh right! Australia, under the newly elected Liberal National Party is open for business. Well – listen here – Dubai never closed!

“Only 2% of Dubai’s GDP is from oil revenues” On hearing this audience gasps.

“The value of Middle East projects accessible by foreign companies is estimated to be in excess of USD$5 trillion”

“Dubai provides a regional hub from which to access these opportunities. The infrastructure is here: communication, education, transportation, medical – along with safety, security and trust!”

There’s another audible gasp from the packed room.

“When can we start?” shouts an enthusiastic audience member “and how do we get there??” shouts another. “Now” Says a Dubai Government official” and on a choice of any of the 124 return flights a week between New South Wales and the UAE”.

Almost immediately and in surprise (some even displaying awe), audience members check diaries and adjust business plans.

Dubai: An export opportunity that can be safely and securely tapped.

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Article by Links Group on Sep 10th 2013

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