Brand UAE is strongest in the GCC and world’s third-strongest brand

UAE has topped the chart as the strongest brand in the GCC and is now the third strongest brand in the world. The UAE shares the title with some of the world’s leading countries. The only other GCC country to have made the list is Qatar, which is ranked 9th globally.

In the report released by the London-based consultancy Brand Finance titled ‘Nation Brands 2015’, Singapore holds the top spot followed by Switzerland and UAE. According to the report, the country has been compared to Singapore for its vision and has been given an AAA brand rating with the brand value at $403 billion.

The rankings take into account factors such as a country’s image and perceptions about quality of life, security, ease of doing business and the prevalence, or lack of, corruption.

The report also recognizes the UAE as a transportation hub, lauding its modern airports and trouble-free environment and a country making a name for itself worldwide. Brand Finance said that the UAE’s drive to boost visitor numbers has also impacted its brand strength. Meanwhile, the broader ‘Goods & Services’ pillar will see accelerating benefits over the next five years thanks to Dubai Expo 2020. The highly favorable tax regime, which is ranked number one on the Brand strength Index, has also made the UAE a popular hub for investors from all over the world.

Links Group would like to congratulate the UAE on their big win, a testament to the vision of the country’s leadership and their commitment to achieving the national diversification strategy. Achievements such as this will help to attract more foreign investors to this rapidly-growing international business hub.


Article by Links Group on Nov 2nd 2015